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bulletThe Astronomy Book
by Jonathan Henry $15.95

A wealth of knowledge on supernovas, red shift, planets, and much more. Enhanced with dozens of color photos and illustrations, including official NASA shots. Jr. Hi - adult

bulletThe Geology Book
by John D. Morris $15.95

Over 200 color pictures & illustrations. Explains how rocks are deposited and eroded, also faulting, volcanoes, radioisotope dating, etc. Jr. Hi - adult

bulletDinosaurs by Design
by Dr. Duane Gish $15.95

Christian answers to Jurassic Park. What do dinosaurs have to do with Noah’s Flood and the Ice Age? What do dinosaurs have in common with fire-breathing dragons? Preschool - Adult

bulletGod Created the Birds of the World
by Earl & Bonnie Snellenberger $4.95
bulletGod Created the Dinosaurs
by Earl & Bonnie Snellenberger $4.95
bulletGod Created the Sea Life
by Earl & Bonnie Snellenberger $4.95
bulletGod Created the World, Universe
by Earl & Bonnie Snellenberger $4.95

These four items are coloring and sticker books containing a wealth of information that will be treasured long after the last page has been colored. Ages 4-12

bulletThe Great Dinosaur Mystery
by Paul Taylor $12.95

Dinosaurs are traced through a Biblical framework of history describing their environment, extinction, descendants and the ancient stories surrounding them. Elementary Grades and up.

bulletLife in the Great Ice Age
by Michael and Beverly Oard $12.95

Cavemen, life with Noah’s descendants, post-Flood life conditions. Ages 10-18


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bulletThe Puzzle of Ancient Man (New 3rd Edition!)
by Donald E. Chittick, PhD       $15.00

Popular culture has led us to believe that ancient man was primitive, originating from primates and steadily improving through a process of time and chance. But, does that agree with reality? What does the evidence left behind from past cultures tell us? Was ancient man simple and primitive as we have been taught, or did the level of science and technology existing thousands of years ago rival, or even surpass, the level of ours today in the 21st century?
     In this updated edition, Dr. Chittick examines more details of technology, evidence of ancient machine power, and optical technology possessed by ancient people. Come and examine with Dr. Chittick what the facts say about ancient man that have long gone unnoticed and often times ignored by today’s secular culture.


bulletRefuting Evolution #2 
by Jonathan Sarfati $10.95

What PBS and the Scientific Community don’t want you to know. A deft expose of the false premise behind many evolutionary theories.    Adult

bulletAfter the Flood
by Bill Cooper $12.95

The earliest Europeans recorded their descent from Noah through Japheth in meticulously kept records, knew all about Creation and the Flood, and had encounters with creatures we would call dinosaurs. This book is the fruit of more than 25 years of research. High School - Adult

bulletThe Answers Book
by Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling & Carl Wieland $10.95

Brief summary of each answer plus detailed answers to 20 most common questions about creation and evolution, e.g. where did all the races come from, where did Cain get his wife? Jr. Hi - Adult

Details the whole creation/evolution issue, from natural selection and the history of fossils to the age of the earth and age/dating methods. Reads like a magazine. High School-Adult

bulletThe Genesis Record
by Henry M. Morris $29.95

Probably the most complete up-to-date and thorough discussion of Genesis available. Excellent reference for teachers, pastors, etc. High School - Adult

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